What to Expect at AcuYoga

I get asked all the time, what exactly will happen at AcuYoga TM ?  Will you be poking me with needles while I’m posing?

No, but we have thought of everything to create a unique 90-minute experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Like other classes, the first hour will be an instructor-led yoga practice that you can do to your own ability. It’s after that one hour that you get pampered.

Once lying comfortably in savasana (final resting pose), we place an eye mask over your face and hot stones on your abdomen. The weight and the warmth of the mask and stones are there to comfort you and keep you warm (and there are blankets if you like).

We then insert tiny acupuncture needles in five specific points on your body. Four of these points control the regulatory system of the body, these will relieve anxiety, stress, soothe aching muscles and even aid in digestion. In Chinese Medicine this set of specific points are called the “Four Gates,” opening up circulation to the whole body.

The fifth point is purely for relaxation and calming your mind. It taps into your parasympathetic nervous system to counteract the fight or flight response that we tend to have throughout our day.

After this, you drift away to the sound of the soothing music we play, focusing on your breathing or falling asleep (this happens often).

It is important for our health to be able to decompress on a regular basis. By doing that you can help prevent things like high blood pressure, anxiety and even depression.

All upcoming classes are listed at http://resethealth.ca/acuyoga/