Reset Health Brings German Auricular Medicine (GAM) to Calgary’s Inner City

Dr. Breanna Shillington opens Calgary’s first GAM-focused clinic in Bridgeland

Calgary, AB (Tuesday January 20, 2015) – German Auricular Medicine (GAM) has widely been practiced in Europe since the 1950s. Highly effective in treatment of chronic conditions, injuries and pain, doctors use laser light therapy and acupuncture on specific points of their patients’ ears which link directly to other anatomical points of the body. Relatively new to Canada, this treatment is now available at Calgary’s only GAM-focused clinic: Reset Health (1017 1st Avenue NE).

Dr. Breanna Shillington, founder of Reset Health explains, “Your body remembers past sicknesses and injuries. Everything from childhood illness, whiplash, a sports injury, to something as mild as a mosquito bite that left a small scar; these add up and start to take a toll on your system. Like water being poured into a cup, over time that cup is full, your body has reached its tipping point.”

Through a single session or series of sessions, Dr. Shillington works with patients to diagnose, prioritize and treats these past issues that cause blockages in the body and inevitably chronic pain. GAM treatments from Reset Health are completely natural, non-invasive, and compliment other treatments that the individual may be going through. Most corporate health benefits programs cover the fees from Reset Health ($150 for a new patient visit, $100 treatments to follow).

“Patients come to me for a variety of reasons, ranging from chronic health conditions, stress from sitting or repetitive movement, sports injuries, even generalized stress and anxiety,” explains Dr. Shillington. “I believe that pain and disease are not simply inconveniences we need to live with; rather it is information being delivered to us, alerting us to where our bodies need attention.”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Auricular Therapy is: “Probably the most developed and best documented, scientifically, of all the ‘micro-systems’ of acupuncture and is the most practical and widely used.” The WHO also recognizes auricular therapy as a treatment option for over 100 conditions.

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