Marathon Season

It’s spring time and that means….marathon training!

Getting back into exercise and hitting the city paths can be tough enough but it’s also the time when body aches can start, injuries (new or old) flare up and fatigue sets in. Did you know that German Auricular Medicine helps clear old injuries from your brain’s radar? GAM treatments allow your body’s natural healing process to take place, keeping you in top shape for the training to come.
In combination with our GAM treatments, Reset Health uses Low Level Laser therapy. This helps speed the recovery time for injuries by aiding in tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation. GAM also offers the added benefit of relaxation by calming your nervous system.

Here are 5 ways that GAM treatments from Reset Health can help you reach your top performance this spring:


  1. Increasing your energy
  2. Helping you sleep more soundly
  3. Easing muscle tention
  4. Decreasing injury recovery time (new and/or old injuries)
  5. Making you feel great for achieving your goals !


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