24/7 International Self Care Day


I was so excited when I recently came across this in Chatelaine magazine. Finally a day attributed to self! What a great reminder on self care, and a perfect time to reflect. I wanted to take this opportunity and write about bringing self care back to basics. Making sure that what we’re doing on a daily basis serves us. Creating a strong core of self care, then go from there.


Let’s be honest, when our self care suffers everyone and everything else around us suffers. Whether you’re running a business or a busy household, or both; if you’re not taking care of yourself you’re not helping the people around you.


Getting back to the basics,  let’s make self care as normal as putting our pants on in the morning. 


Now it may seem silly to think that we need to check in with ourselves throughout the day to ensure we’re meeting our most basic needs, but it’s not.  Have I eaten, or drank any water today, have I gotten enough sleep this week, do I need to use the washroom? (yes we really do get so busy that we forget and put it off) But in this day and age it is a common trend amongst the busy.


Getting into the habit of checking in with yourself throughout the day and making adjustments can make a huge impact on your system.


Sometimes we think that we have to make these dramatic changes to better our health and it seems to be such a big task. But it doesn’t have to be this way. All it takes is one small change, one minor adjustment and your body will thank you for it.


Here’s the challenge, checking in with your body on a daily basis. Then actually giving yourself what you need. Maybe that’s going to bed early twice a week to catch up on sleep. Bringing a water bottle with you to work to remind yourself to stay hydrated. Or scheduling in some weekly “downtime”.  Long term this will have a positive effect and it will make it easier to give your body the self care that it needs.


So happy International Self Care Day ! Here’s your excuse to start being selfish and finally take care of yourself 😉