The Intention Behind Acuyoga™

I recently ran an Acuyoga™ class for Calgary’s first Prana Yoga Festival. Leading up to the event I felt the urge to share with everyone where Acuyoga™ … read more

Stress. Pressures. Anxiousness….

  I’m sure you’ve all experienced that uncomfortable feeling at least once in your lifetime. But for some people it’s something that’s dealt with everyday. … read more

Feeling In A “Rut” ?

Getting out of a rut   Are you feeling anxious, uneasy or just not like yourself lately? It’s okay because you’re NOT ALONE. We all … read more

What to Expect at AcuYoga

I get asked all the time, what exactly will happen at AcuYoga TM ?  Will you be poking me with needles while I’m posing? No, but … read more

Marathon Season

It’s spring time and that means….marathon training! Getting back into exercise and hitting the city paths can be tough enough but it’s also the time … read more