Are you ready to hit the “Reset” button?

Did you know that past injuries, trauma and illness (either physical or emotional) start to take a toll on your system if not completely cured? Overtime, they can slow your ability to recover from your current ailments and injuries and even stop you from fighting off a cold or flu. In German Auricular Medicine we call these stressors.

Your brain remembers everything (even if you’ve forgotten). It could be a twisted ankle that never healed right, surgery, or even a bad case of bronchitis. All these things take a toll on your body, and our brain can get stuck on them, almost like a ‘misfire’.

What happens is, and I see this a lot in my clinic, someone will get an injury and healing is prolonged turning what could have been a minor injury into a chronic problem. They’ve tried other modalities that have worked before but for some reason it’s just not fixing it this time. That’s where I come in. The trick is to find these hidden “stressors” that you’ve otherwise forgotten about and treat them along with your current injury. That way your brain is more clear and ready to put into motion the healing response needed to fix the current injury/problem. This is all done using the science of German Auricular Medicine, with Acupuncture and laser therapy. I’ve been specialized in this medicine for nearly two years now and have seen a huge difference in effectiveness of pain reduction with fewer treatments.

Patient’s are curious to find out what comes up for them. They always leave the treatment feeling much lighter, almost like a weight has been lifted off. Even after their ailment is healed they continue to return on a regular basis because they like how these treatments make them feel. It is also great for prevention, stress relief and a general “reset” for your brain and body

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