Stress. Pressures. Anxiousness….


I’m sure you’ve all experienced that uncomfortable feeling at least once in your lifetime. But for some people it’s something that’s dealt with everyday. That pesky feeling you’ve tried to just will away; that feeling that made you cancel plans on your friends, leave work early or bail in the middle of a social event.


Distracting yourself with tv, alcohol or hiding out in your home might work for a while. But that feeling will come back, and sometimes it comes back with a vengeance. What we’re doing here is masking symptoms of a bigger problem.


What if we looked at it like this; That pesky feeling is a part of you and it’s crying out for a little attention.


So how do we deal with this? When that feeling starts to arise, stop and evaluate. Ask yourself, what does my body need right now? How have I been treating it lately? Have I been eating like s#*t ? or drinking WAY to much coffee? Have I been working too much and not had enough downtime? Did I skip my workouts/yoga this week? Answer these questions. Then start doing things that make you feel good and are good for you.


In German Auricular Medicine (GAM) we treat points on the ear – which directly correlate to your brain. There is a specific point called the anxiety point and it’s scientifically proven to decrease anxiety. There’s also a point that was named after the anti-anxiety medication called “Diazepam”. This point has similar effects on the brain without the side affects of the medication. GAM treatments are so relaxing and very effective for anxiety.   Add on a few more points to help those tight muscles, headaches or anything else that may be ailing you and you’ll leave us feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.