AcuYoga™ classes enhance the benefits of yoga by adding an extended savasana (final resting pose) complete acupuncture to deepen the relaxation and seal in the practice.

The ultimate way to complete your yoga practice in perfect relaxation, AcuYoga™ will leave you feeling peaceful and energized.

Acuyoga™ helps regulate your body, forcing it to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to calm us. This counteracts fight or flight (that you might be feeling from your morning at work or time in Calgary traffic). It lowers heart rate, aids in digestion and reactivates your immune system.

What to expect at an AcuYoga class

When you arrive, the class will be explained to you and you will have a chance to ask questions.

Then, you will enjoy the yoga class from your instructor.

At the end of the hour-long yoga class we will rejoin the class as you are in savasana. We will give you an eye mask and use hot stones to aid in the relaxation process. Once relaxed, we insert five small, sterile, single-use acupuncture needles on specific relaxation pressure points. This helps regulate your system and brings your body back to a more balanced state.

For the next 30 minutes you lay back and enjoy the bliss.