About Us

Breanna Shillington, R.Ac, TCMD
Founder of Reset Health and GAM Practitioner

Breanna Shillington graduated from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary in 2010.

While interning at the renowned Taiwan International Medical Training Hospital, Breanna worked closely with Western and Eastern Doctors. Here, she created treatment plans to provide patients with the best possible healthcare, a combination of both traditional Eastern treatments and Western therapies; it was in Taiwan where she discovered her passion for a blended Eastern and Western Medicine…along with her love for bubble tea.

Her passion for evidence based acupuncture drew her to German Auricular Medicine (GAM). At Reset Health, the primary treatment focus is the highly precise science of GAM & Laser Therapy. It is safe, incredibly effective, non-invasive, and has little to no side effects. This whole-body diagnosis and treatment is the latest evolution in the science of acupuncture. GAM has garnered excellent results for patients around the world, and closer to home in Calgary.

Breanna believes that pain and disease are not simply an inconvenience but rather our body sending us messages – telling us that something is wrong. Health and wellness are about education, listening to your body and responding to what’s happening and making decisions based on what’s best for you.

Located in the incredible community of Winston Heights. Reset Health opened its doors in December 2014. Breanna created a space where her patients come to reconnect with themselves. Reset Health is a place where stressors are discovered and treated, allowing the body to heal. Our patients come in initially, asking us to treat their pain and anxiety; and that’s what we do. However, they come back again and again because Reset Health gives them the space to connect with their body and mind, ultimately allowing them to Reset, and live life pain free.


Come and see us. Together, we will reset your health.
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