About German Auricular
Medicine (GAM)

Your body has its own diagnostic system.

We tap into it through our technology to uncover the overarching existing and latent health issues blocking your system from healing your pain.

This form of diagnosis allows us to prioritize and map all of these health issues, creating a path to your recovery.

We employ laser light and acupuncture techniques to treat and essentially reset your problem areas to get your body healing and functioning more as it should.

All of this is done using the proven science of Auricular Medicine. First discovered by French Neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier in the 1950s. Today, Auricular Medicine is practiced by thousands of physicians in Europe and by hundreds of practitioners in North America.

Your Initial Appointment will include the intake, diagnosis and treatment with Acupuncture and/or Laser Therapy. We allow approximately 75 minutes for this. Cost $150.

All follow up Appointments include diagnosis and treatment with Acupuncture and/or Laser Therapy. These are 60 minutes. Cost $100. 

All treatments are tailored to each individual’s needs.  If for any reason you are uncomfortable with needles we will gladly do the entire appointment using Laser Therapy. Our patient’s comfort is our number one priority and will do everything we can to ensure a relaxing and successful treatment.